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Home Equity Loans

Get the money you need for any good reason. Paint, redecorate, build a deck or transform your kitchen or bath. You could also pay for an education, take a vacation or buy a new or used vehicle. Consolidating debt is another money saving option. The possibilities are unlimited.

  • Get a home equity in Pottstown PA from Apex Community FCUGreat Low Rates.
  • Up to 90% LTV − Terms Up To 20 Years.
  • Interest Is Usually Tax-Deductible.*

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans

Your rate and monthly payment is fixed for the term of your loan. It’s the right choice when you want to borrow a set amount and know exactly how much your payment will be every month.

Home Equity Fixed Rate

APRInfo and/or Terms
5.00-18% (80%)1-60 months
6.25-18% (90%)1-60 months
5.25-18% (80%)61-120 months
6.75-18% (90%)61-120 months
6.00-18% (80%)121-180 months
7.25- 18% (90%)121-180 months
6.50-18% (80%)181-240 months
7.75-18% (90%)181-240 months

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Borrow the money you want, as you need it. You pay interest only on your outstanding balance. As you pay back what you borrowed, you can draw that amount again or more, up to your line of credit limit.

Home Equity Line-of-Credit

APRInfo and/or Terms
Variable80%, Prime +1, 180 months
Variable90% Prime +2, 180 months

Think Your Credit Score Is Too Low?

Think again. We may be able to lend you the money you need or show you how you can improve your credit. Call or stop by the credit union office for the details. Let us help.

Applying Is Fast & Easy!

If you’re looking for home equity in Pottstown, PA and need help choosing the best option for your budget, call or stop by the credit union. When you’re ready, you can also apply online.

*Check with your tax adviser. Home Equity Loan and Line of Credit tax-deductible interest eligibility depends on your specific tax situation. Most members qualify.