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Credit Union Debit Card

Your Apex Visa® Money Card makes it easy and convenient to make purchases, withdraw cash, transfer funds and access ATMs worldwide. Simply swipe your credit union debit card at participating stores or ATMs. Your cash withdrawals and purchases are automatically deducted from your credit union checking account.

  • No annual fee with Full Net Direct Deposit. ($15.00 Fee without  Net Direct Deposit)
  • Works like a check with no check to write.
  • Make purchases and ATM transactions worldwide.
  • Visa®, Allpoint & CO-OP Shared Branch™ networks. Look for the logos.
  • Purchases are automatically deducted from your Apex checking account.
  • Withdraw cash, verify account balances, and transfer funds worldwide.
  • No check acceptance or ID hassles.
  • 6 free transactions per month at non-participating ATMs.
  • Allows unlimited number of surcharge free transactions at Allpoint Network Locations and participating credit union ATM’s.
  • Buzz Points™ Rewards Program.
  • Cash back at participating stores.
  • Overdraft Privilege for eligible members.
  • 24-Hour Call Center  assistance at 1-800-472-3272.

TranBlocker Security – Our Money Card is protected against fraudulent activity.

Due to an increase in international fraud, Apex has instituted TranBlocker, a powerful real-time ATM/Debit fraud deterrent tool. TranBlocker protects your financial accounts by automatically blocking all international activity on your account.

If you plan to travel outside the continental USA and would like to have TranBlocker removed from your account, stop by one of our branch offices and complete the form with your travel information, and you’re on your way!

Using your Apex credit union debt card gives you an opportunity to earn rewards. Click to learn more.Buzz Points Rewards Program

It’s a free Apex Money Card benefit that rewards you for shopping locally. You can use your points to redeem gift cards at participating merchants. Here’s how it works:

  • Earn Buzz Points when you use your Apex Money Card.
  • Earn bonus Buzz Points when you shop at local businesses.
  • Then redeem your Buzz Points for gift cards at local businesses and more.

Simply click below to sign up and start earning points today! Click Activate to register.


Disclosure Statement

Please read our Money Card Disclosure, which explains the terms and conditions of your card. Some important points include the daily limit cut-off time, Proprietary and Non-Proprietary ATM Deposit information, and ATM Deposit Holds. Download Disclosure (PDF)


Apply For Your Apex Visa® Money Card Today!

To apply for your Money Card ATM/Debit Card, come to the credit union. It takes only minutes to apply.


Call Center – For a Lost or Stolen Apex Visa® Debit Card or problems with your card call:  1-800-472-3272.