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Fixed Rate Autos '14 - '17 (0-48 months) 1.99% APR
Fixed Rate Autos '14 - '17 (49-60 months) 2.49% APR
Personal Loans (up to 60 months) 8.74% APR
Gold Home Equity Line-of-Credit (Up to 70%) 3.74% APR
Platinum Fixed-Rate Home Equity Line of Credit (3-Year Draw Period, 5-Year Amortization) 3.24% APR
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Welcome to the American Heritage Credit Union Family

We want to welcome all new members from APEX Federal Credit Union to the American Heritage Credit Union family. We are confident that you will find we are a revolutionary organization – positively different from other...

A Guide to Simplify Your New American Heritage Account

ATM/Debit Cards When will I receive my new card? Your new American Heritage ATM/Debit Card will be mailed during the week of October 16, 2017. Delivery normally takes 10 business days and should be delivered to...

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