Share Money Market Fund

If you are looking for high-interest savings and flexible fixed-term investments, our Money Market Fund is a good choice for you. This safe, federally insured option offers the best of both savings accounts and fixed-term investments. Our Share Money Market Fund has these features:

  • • Pays the high dividends of a fixed-term investment
  • • To access your funds, you can transfer the desired amount to your Apex Share Savings or Share Draft/Checking Account and withdraw as needed
  • • Open a fund with as little as $2,000
  • • Tiered structure lets you earn increasing levels of dividend returns for greater amounts of investment
  • • Dividends are calculated based on a daily balance and compounded and credited monthly
  • • Once your account is opened, there are no fixed terms, no minimum deposit requirements, and no penalties

To see our current interest rates, click here. For further information, please call or visit us.