Personal Share Draft (Checking) Account

You don’t have to pay high fees for checking!

An Apex Share Draft Account is your alternative to the high fees and service charges you may find at other financial institutions. Discover how easy it is to manage your monthly finances with our full-featured checking account.

  • • NO minimum balance
  • • NO monthly service charge
  • • NO per-check charge
  • • Automatic Overdraft Protection (fees may apply)
  • • Overdraft Privilege available for those who qualify
  • • Duplicate checks or single stub
  • • Money Card (ATM/Debit) option
  • • Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction options
  • • Online check re-ordering

To find out more about Share Draft (Checking) Account benefits or to apply for a Share Draft Account, please contact us or visit our offices.


Overdraft Protection

If you write a check that will overdraw your account balance, Apex Overdraft Protection automatically transfers funds from the Share Account you choose. You don't need to run to the credit union or rush to the phone to transfer funds—it's all automatic.

Please call or visit our offices to sign up for Automatic Overdraft Protection for your Share Draft Account.


Overdraft Privilege
  • • Overdraft Privilege offers a higher level of overdraft protection. For those members who qualify, Overdraft Privilege actually makes the payment for you.
  • • Contact Apex to enroll in Overdraft Privilege. You must have Direct Deposit to enroll.
  • • Once enrolled, if you ever lack adequate funds in your account to cover your transaction(s), Overdraft Privilege may make the payment(s) for you (up to a cumulative maximum of $750.00).
  • • You will be charged a $30.00 overdraft fee each time you overdraw your account.
  • • As long as your account returns to a positive balance within a specified time frame, you can then use Overdraft Privilege again.