Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction

Apex offers Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction services that make money management simpler and more efficient for our members. You can arrange to have payroll or benefit checks deposited directly into your account, and payments made automatically on your Apex loans, or deposits made to your savings, club or IRA accounts.


Direct Deposit

With Direct Deposit, your money is available immediately and safely!

Direct Deposit automatically deposits your net paycheck, Social Security or pension check into your Share Draft Checking or Share Savings Account. Managing money is easier with Direct Deposit because:

  • • Your money is available immediately. As soon as it is deposited in your account you can use it to pay bills, withdraw as much of it as you want, or simply leave it for future use.
  • • Your money is safely deposited for you, and you don't have to carry your checkbook or large sums of cash.
  • • With Direct Deposit activated, you can comply with government regulations regarding Federal payments that are issued by electronic funds transfer (EFT). If you will be receiving veteran's benefits, Social Security payments, military pensions or salaries, or any other government payment, you will probably need Direct Deposit. Check with the agency that issues your check to see what requirements you need to meet (there are some special circumstances that do not require Direct Deposit).
  • • Your Apex Money Card annual fee will be waived when your net pay is directly deposited.


Payroll Deduction

With Payroll Deduction, you can make money management easy and convenient.

Payroll Deduction is another FREE, convenient money management service from Apex! Combine it with Direct Deposit and Share Draft/Checking for a truly outstanding money management system.

  • • You can make loan payments automatically. Simply designate the amounts that you want deducted from your wages, and your payments will be made for you. Whether it's for an Auto Loan, Home Equity Loan, Personal Loan, or any other Apex loan, paying is easier than ever. There will be no late charges, no running to the mail box – no hassle.
  • • Make deposits automatically to your savings accounts, club accounts, or IRA, and enjoy guaranteed savings! Payroll deduction can make your IRA financial planning so much easier.