Our Company's History

Apex Community Federal Credit Union – Serving our members and our community for more than 60 years

Apex Community Federal Credit Union was established and federally chartered in November 1949 to serve the employees of the Doehler-Jarvis Company in Pottstown, PA. At that time, it was called the Doehler-Jarvis Pottstown Federal Credit Union.

The inspiration originated with nine Doehler-Jarvis employees, who realized the need among company staff for financial services that existing banks in the community did not provide. The mission of the newly formed credit union was to pool resources of the company’s employees, and loan the funds to those whose needs were not being met by other local institutions. The founding principles of “service to members” and “people helping people” provided the driving force behind the establishment of the credit union, and have remained as its inspiration to this day.

During the first 30 years of its existence the credit union experienced modest growth, and its original mission of serving the financial needs of Doehler employees and their families was gradually expanded so that more community members could experience the benefits of the credit union’s people-first, member-friendly philosophy.

The first major change in company operations came in 1988 with the decision to offer credit union services to employees of other industries in the Tri-County area. With companies downsizing and the economy in flux, Doehler Jarvis Federal Credit Union embarked on an aggressive drive to bring quality financial products to as many people as possible. Recognizing a trend toward “flight to quality,” the Board of Directors opted to build a new modern facility, hire a new CEO, and implement a new business plan, with the result that over 50 additional companies joined the credit union family during the next 14 years.

In order to meet the needs of its growing membership, the credit union changed from a simple savings and loan provider to a full-service financial institution offering certificates of deposit, money market accounts, mortgages, ATM/debit cards, credit cards and other ancillary banking products. The name was changed to Apex Federal Credit Union, representing a new peak in service and quality.

In addition to adding new select employee groups (SEGs), Apex also approached other credit unions as merger candidates, which opened the door for continued growth. Four mergers were soon consummated, making an additional 2,000 people immediately eligible for membership.

In December 2001, Apex Federal Credit Union changed to a community-based charter, allowing individuals who live, work, worship or attend school in parts of Berks, Chester and Montgomery Counties to benefit from the expanded range of Apex services.

As we proceed through these uncertain economic times, we remain committed to our service-oriented, community-based approach to banking, and to offering quality products and services at advantageous rates for our growing family of members.