Apex Today: The Fruits of Our Labors

Your community credit union – still growing strong

For more than 60 years Apex Community FCU has served the Tri-County area, offering quality financial products and services that have helped to improve the lives of our neighbors and the communities in which they live. During this time we have grown from a small establishment serving the employees of a single company, to a thriving financial institution with members throughout the region. But while we have expanded to offer a wider range of opportunities to a larger community, we have constantly remained dedicated to our founding principles of “service to members” and “people helping people.”

In order to meet the changing needs of our members we continually update our offerings, which now include certificates of deposit, money market accounts, mortgages, ATM/debit cards, credit cards and many other ancillary banking products. We understand our members’ increasing need for convenience, security and value in banking, and we have responded by offering services that are competitive with other local providers, in the friendly and cooperative atmosphere of a member-owned and operated community credit union.

Today’s challenging economic environment has reminded us of why we are here – to provide advantageous banking options for the members of our community, who are building their lives in the region we call home, while contributing to its resilient economy and rich heritage. As our membership grows, the strength of our credit union increases, and the resulting benefits are returned to our members in the form of low or no-fee services, lower lending rates, and higher dividends on savings and investments.

Our membership includes people of all ages, with differing perspectives and expectations, and we are proud of their diversity. We are excited to welcome new members from the ‘Millennium Generation,’ who are just beginning their journey, and we’re dedicated to finding new ways of serving our ‘Baby Boomers’ and ‘Gen-Xers,’ who are leading the way. All of our members have their own personal aims and ambitions, and we are continually developing new and innovative services to help them succeed.

Apex today is the product of over 60 years’ tradition and hard work, which have provided the firm foundation on which we have built our institution. We offer our members the fruits of our labors, and our sincere gratitude for placing their trust in us.