Apex Going Forward

Building on firm foundations, we can always reach higher

Looking to the future of our credit union and our community, we believe that the power of cooperative partnership will continue to carry us forward and inspire us to new peaks of performance and achievement. We feel inextricably connected with the community we serve, and we remain dedicated to strengthening it in every way we can.

As the economic environment continues to evolve, we will remain responsive to the needs of our members, offering programs and services designed to maximize benefits and maintain flexibility in transitional market conditions. Through regular updates in our newsletter and on this website, we will keep members informed about new opportunities, special programs and additional services we can provide.

In the coming year, we will focus special attention on the issue of education, developing initiatives that will help to secure the future of our greatest asset – the new generation. We realize that providing first-rate financial services at advantageous terms is only a part of what we can do to serve our members, and we want to take our commitment to the next level.

As Apex moves forward, we value more than ever the solid foundation we’ve established through years of tradition and hard work, and we are confident that our member-friendly, cooperative banking model will continue to provide the best value available for our growing family of members. We believe in the strength, resilience, and enormous potential of our people and our community, and Apex Community FCU will continue to serve as a point of possibility, where better things can begin.

Apex today is the product of over 60 years’ tradition and hard work, which have provided the firm foundation on which we have built our institution. We offer our members the fruits of our labors, and our sincere gratitude for placing their trust in us.